Seattle – A beacon of light in the darkness. A nexus of trade and commerce. A wretched hive of scum and villainy. Seattle is many things to many people, but it is undeniably the largest settlement in the north-western wasteland. The city is divided into three rings centred on the still-standing Space Needle:

  • The Core, where The Order maintains a strict but secure society for those with the skills or goods to buy entry. All of the Old World comforts are on offer for the right price, with some saying that the Trade Barons are the real authority here.
  • The Rim, made up of the bulk of the population who scrape together a living from the Core’s cast-offs and a thriving Black Market. While Order patrols keep the area civil life is often still nasty, brutish, and short.
  • The Edge, a no-man’s-land of lawless scavengers, ghouls and cannibals. The only Order presence here is in the form of well-maintained trade corridors that pass through to the centre, the rest is survival of the fittest.

Portl – Formed from the ruins of Portland this small settlement makes a living trading wheat and hardwood lumber east to the mountain towns. It’s people are known as honest and hard-working, but have recently had their openness tested by haifolk raids. Notable spots include the Last Stop drinking house and Town Hall, both remarkably clean and intact despite damage during the Great War.

Three Forks – Located at the cross-section of three branches of the same river, this trading post serves as both a warehouse and way-station to passing merchants. It’s formidable log-built structure encompasses a general store, inn and quay and offers a welcome respite from the harsh wasteland.

Mt. St. Helens Geothermal Energy Station – Hundreds of feet below the rocky earth machines hum and chatter to a steady, mechanical beat. Built at the height of global oil shortages this facility was designed to tap the vast amounts of thermal energy emanating from magma vents and power most of Washington State. Recently the Brotherhood of Steel have taken an interest in using its electricity, for purposes unknown.

Chehalis aka “Hel” – Only ruins are left of this small town at the southern edge of the Seattle plains. It’s lone surviving road is dominated by the town Post Office, a grand baroque building that escaped the Great War intact.

Tacoma – The smaller brother of Seattle proper, this small community thrives on its position as a rest-stop for all traffic heading into and out of the city. The people here are friendly, if a little guarded (living under the shadow of the Order will do that), and commonly take in the cast-off trade that Seattle doesn’t deem valuable.

Vault 57 – Cold metal. A gasp of stale air. Grinding stone. Alone among the ruins. Family. Loss.

Nelson – Stronghold and operations centre of the Redcoat lawkeepers, located on the edge of the Canadian border. Here the command staff issue their orders to agents in the field and oversee the training of new members, while others come to receive much-earned R&R.

Winnato – When winter grips the land and tatanka leave the field, the First People retire here to rest and celebrate the gathering of the tribes. A week-long festival along with friendly contests of skill resolve any tensions between them, and the Elders hold council to decide the course of the year to come.


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