The First People – Native American tribes that survived the Great War in the wilderness and now loosely control large swathes of the eastern plains. They travel seasonally to hunt the wild tatanka that roam the plains, spending winters in their secure base at Winnato.


The Order – A militaristic group that maintains law and order in the inner ring of Seattle with an iron fist. Following the chaos of the Great War a National Guard unit made it’s way to the ruins of Seattle and instituted martial law in the city. Since then they ensure that trade flows steadily through the city and punish any thieves, scoundrels or raiders viciously. While there are few personal freedoms under their control they at least provide peace and stability.


The Haifolk – Brutal neo-Viking raiders that terrorise the coast and river inlets, launching lightning raids from their off-shore passenger ship bases. They loot and pillage the poorly defended communities that defy them, taking a tithe in crops and slaves from those they have subjugated.


Harmony – A semi-religious order that preaches salvation through the embrace of technology, arguing that only through science can man’s base nature be quelled and true peace achieved. Peace through Unity, Unity through Harmony, Harmony through Technology.


The Redcoats – Upholding their legacy as Royal Canadian Mounted Police these men and women fight for justice and liberty in the wastes, fighting slavers and raiders to keep their lands safe. They keep roads clear across the Canadian-US border and patrol their territory from a series of small outposts. Their stronghold is in the northern city of Nelson. Close proximity to the First People means they have good relations with them, each respecting the other.



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