Duchess – A former slave who now runs the Last Stop tavern in town. Her name is taken from the first possession she ever owned, a dog collar she found after escaping the slavers that had raised her since she was a child. She’s vehemently opposed to the Haifolk who she sees as just another group of slavers.

Charles Lambert aka “Lamb” – Mayor of Portl and former Seattle trader. Considered cowardly by many (hence his namesake) he has struggled desperately to keep his people both safe and prosperous.

Hawk – A former First People tribal who now acts as Portl’s lawman/ranger. He prefers a rough-and-ready kind of justice – many of the visitors that cause trouble in town are simply never heard from again.

Thor – Haifolk champion and raid-leader. His last mission was to convince Portl’s inhabitants to become a vassal settlement and deliver goods/people in tribute.

Douglas Cuttler – Apprentice trader to his father, Markus Cuttler (now deceased), at the Three Fingers trading post. When it came under attack by haifolk raiders he and his father’s men were able to fight them off at great cost. In the end only he and Drudge remained alive.

Mike “Drudge” Mahone – Former NCR trooper who always told stories about drudging across the desert on various duties, hence his nickname. After retiring with a medical discharge (missing left arm; said it was a “Deathclaw for sure, killed it one-handed”) he made his way north and works as a foreman for the cargo handlers at the Three Forks. He was gravely wounded in the attack by a poisoned arrow and was only saved with your help.

Rose – Member of the elite lawkeepers known as Redcoats with an extreme hatred of the Haifolk. She patrols the area north of Portl in an attempt to keep the riverways clear of raiders and slavers.

Carmichael – Brotherhood of Steel Scribe and scientist working as part of a group trying to get the Mt. St. Helens Geothermal Energy Station operational. The BoS have a small camp above an elevator shaft that leads down into the facility. They present themselves as botanists studying the local wildlife, albeit well-armed and wary ones.

Burke – Head of security for the BoS research group camped near Mt. St. Helens. He is stern and unrelentingly wary, but concedes to Carmichael’s judgement in all non-security matters, including allying with a bunch of wasteland low-lives (that’s you, scummer).

Daphne – A teenage conscript that fled Seattle to escape The Order’s tyranny, encountering your caravan in a stormy Chehalis. You saved her from a horrific death at the hands of Order men and sent her south to seek sanctuary with Duchess in Portl.

Frau Dr. Delores Donnahue – The only true doctor this side of Oregon (as far as you can tell), stocked up with state-of-the-art medical equipment, genuine medicines, and an eternally chipper attitude. Her accent and gear betray possible connections to outside groups, but no firm evidence has been gathered thus far.

Gorgie – Last surviving member of the Tacoma militia following the viral outbreak that devastated the area. Now leads the town’s survivors towards a new life outside Portl, away from the dangers of Puget Sound.

Commander Samuel Wilson – Supreme leader of the entirety of The Order, working out of his office secure in the Space Needle. Hired you to spy on Bracker but betrayed you instead of paying up.

General Bracker – Former commander of Order forces, now on the run after trying to organise a coup against Commander Wilson. Wants The Order to take a stronger hand in the wastes and was receiving assistance from a mysterious benefactor.

Timmy – Young street kid rescued from Seattle, having suffered a terrible life in The Edge. His mother was a prostitute in the city and is afflicted by the unknown illness sweeping the region.

Fitzpatrick – Foreman and trade-master at the Beanville docks. Co-ordinates all trade and fishing along the western coast and acts as de facto mayor for the town. Despises the haifolk for their raiding of trade ships across the region.


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